Physiq 360

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What is the Physiq360?

PHYSIQ 360 is an innovative non-invasive body contouring technology that treats the total body – for every body. PHYSIQ 360 reduces fat and stimulates muscle in one session to maximize results while minimizing treatment time, targeting the stubborn areas that are hard to address with diet and exercise alone. With no pain and no downtime, PHYSIQ 360 is easy to incorporate into your regular routine. Experience the PHYSIQ 360 Difference: A Versatile Body Contouring Solution for All PHYSIQ 360 uses four applicators to treat stubborn areas where exercise and diet may not be enough. The device uses laser energy to precisely target and reduce fat and electric stimulation to re-educate muscles to produce a change that is both felt and seen.

  • Innovative STEP (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) Technology alternates between burning fat and stimulating muscles in one treatment to maximize outcomes and minimize treatment time.
  • Simultaneously target multiple body areas in a single treatment to achieve optimal results.
  • Treatments are comfortable and don’t require any downtime.
  • Safe & suitable for all skin types and body types.
  • Complement Weight Loss Medications by Addressing the Downsides of Rapid Weight Loss

PHYSIQ 360 presents a targeted solution for the side effects associated with rapid weight loss treatments. PHYSIQ 360 can target fat and stimulate muscles in specific areas, plus it can serve as a long-term maintenance option to help prolong and maintain weight loss results. Our provider can create a custom PHYSIQ 360 treatment plan that complements your weight loss program.

What is the PHYSIQ 360?

PHYSIQ 360 delivers two types of energy to the body: laser energy (LZR) to melt fat and electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to re-educate muscles. PHYSIQ 360 is able to deliver both of these energies in one session thanks to STEP technology – which stands for Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse. STEP alternates between laser and EMS in a single session to maximize your results while still keeping the treatment short and comfortable.

PHYSIQ 360 is truly for EVERY body. No matter your starting point, PHYSIQ can help you reach your goals. Because PHYSIQ 360 is fully customizable, our specialist will work with you to understand your goals and craft your treatment plan (the average recommended treatment plan is 5 sessions spaced 7-10 days apart).

PHYSIQ 360 can be used to target a variety of areas on the body. You can even treat two areas at once thanks to four independent applicators. Treatable areas include:
•    Abdomen
•    Love handles & waist
•    Glutes
•    Inner & outer thighs
•    Arms (biceps & triceps)
•    Calves & ankles
•    Above the knees

PHYSIQ 360 is a great complement to weight loss medications. It can help you contour areas that were not affected by the medication, it can also help you maintain and build muscles, which can be depleted due to rapid weight loss.
If you’re on a weight loss program, speak to our provider about how PHYSIQ 360 can help before, during, and after your program.

PHYSIQ 360 treatments are completely comfortable. The laser energy is delivered directly to the deeper layers of fat without overheating the skin. This portion of the treatment feels like a hot stone massage. The electrical muscle stimulation feels like painless muscle contractions (although it may feel a bit strange!). PHYSIQ 360 is safe and approved for all skin types.

PLUS is a pain-free lymphatic drainage treatment available with PHYSIQ 360. PLUS increases blood and lymphatic circulation to help promote healing, so you can realize your final body contouring results sooner. After fat destruction, your body will naturally remove any remaining damaged fat cells through your lymphatic system, and the PLUS technology helps expedite this process. Speak to our provider to learn more about how PLUS complements your PHYSIQ 360 treatment.