Body Scan

3D imaging

What is Body Scan?

Weight scales can sometimes give a misleading impression of progress, whereas seeing your body transform can be truly motivating and enlightening. Sage offers a 3D body scanning technology to track body data and composition accurately. Our Styku body scan is used in conjunction with our groundbreaking medication to monitor muscle, fat and body composition throughout your weight loss journey.

  • 3D Image Scanning
  • Overall Body Fat Percentage
  • Gained Muscle & Fat Loss Data

Understanding the Body Scan:

The 3D body fat scanner is a groundbreaking method to evaluate body composition and monitor physical changes. It employs advanced 3D imaging technology to precisely measure fat, muscle mass, and other body metrics for a comprehensive understanding of your physical well-being. This scanner helps identify areas that require focus to enhance physical fitness effectively.

The 3D body fat scanner conducts full body scans to provide a 360-degree view, generating reports with in-depth body composition details and visuals to monitor progress accurately. These user-friendly reports simplify tracking your body’s evolution over time.

Apart from monitoring progress, the 3D body fat scanner aids in goal setting and adherence. By setting measurable goals based on scan results, you can visualize your achievements. The scanner’s measurements enable tracking and comparison of various health aspects like fat percentage and waist circumference over time.

The 3D body fat scanner proves valuable for individuals monitoring physical health and progress. Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle building, this tool offers essential data to support your objectives.

Advantages of Body Scan:

  • Visual graphs illustrate changes over time
  • Detailed reports include visceral fat, bone mass, and more
  • Accurate measurements with less than 1% error for waist, hip, thigh, and other areas
  • Establish Inch-loss (or cm-loss) targets
  • Rapid risk evaluations
  • Progress monitoring
  • Utilizes 3D technology for precise tracking and results
  • Facilitates achieving weight-loss objectives